Ta fidèle Fan vient de témoigner toute son admiration pour de ton travail et ta créativité. C'est toujours un vrai plaisir ! Meilleurs sentiments de France ! Amitiés
Jeffrey Wright(non-registered)
I just found you on Flickr. Love your work. The depth and sensual mystery are beautiful and mesmerizing.
Rhonda Burnett(non-registered)
Love all your work!!! PERFECTION so much talent!!! Exquisite
Joe Dubois @scarsandcallusses(non-registered)
Breathtaking. Wow. F•cking wow. Your an inspiration.
Mark Mennie(non-registered)
Great, haunting, special, beautiful work; that also includes not only your vision of the midwest, but your feelings, including your confidence, curiosity and even...weaknesses. Maybe someday we'll meet and maybe we'll shoot a tribute to Ben. Thoughts? Warm Regards - MM in CA
Steve Fairchild(non-registered)
Beautiful work. I come here for inspiration and just to wander through and enjoy.
Jeff "Wade" Phipps(non-registered)
Great portfolio. You have a gift of capturing the moment.
Niecy Moss - Model(non-registered)
I love your work. So real, romantic and emotional.
You inspire me!
scott koukal(non-registered)
Absolutely brilliant work!! Superb image, composition and story telling.. love this kind of "real" art... Sk~
Truly miss seeing your work (I left MM) but browsed you as you inspire me so much and feel a little photogs blocky.

Love all your work but especially your self portraits!
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