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Kevin White
How are you? Just posted a photo you took of KK. My favorite, as it shows the many attributes of her character and who she has become. She graduates in two weeks, and is aspiring to become a nurse. I thought I would see what you have been up to, and I am impressed to say the least. Take care and until we meet again.
Ta fidèle Fan vient de témoigner toute son admiration pour de ton travail et ta créativité. C'est toujours un vrai plaisir ! Meilleurs sentiments de France ! Amitiés
Jeffrey Wright(non-registered)
I just found you on Flickr. Love your work. The depth and sensual mystery are beautiful and mesmerizing.
Rhonda Burnett(non-registered)
Love all your work!!! PERFECTION so much talent!!! Exquisite
Joe Dubois @scarsandcallusses(non-registered)
Breathtaking. Wow. F•cking wow. Your an inspiration.
Mark Mennie(non-registered)
Great, haunting, special, beautiful work; that also includes not only your vision of the midwest, but your feelings, including your confidence, curiosity and even...weaknesses. Maybe someday we'll meet and maybe we'll shoot a tribute to Ben. Thoughts? Warm Regards - MM in CA
Steve Fairchild(non-registered)
Beautiful work. I come here for inspiration and just to wander through and enjoy.
Jeff "Wade" Phipps(non-registered)
Great portfolio. You have a gift of capturing the moment.
Niecy Moss - Model(non-registered)
I love your work. So real, romantic and emotional.
You inspire me!
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